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Axiom Consulting Australia specializes in service and product development research.

Axiom Consulting Australia is unique in terms of our

Constantly investigating current and emerging services and products for business and consumer markets gives us a broad context for understanding new services and products and where they might fit with different markets

We have a deep understanding of service/product implementation lifecycles, communications issues and market responses.  In particular, having covered virtually every new information and communications technology put to market in the last decade means that we can provide input on effective technology marketing and business strategies.

As all of our consultants have at least 10 years research experience and Post Graduate qualifications in relevant disciplines, we can help you to build your business case and to more successfully manage your products and services.

Our service is totally created and delivered by our Project Directors who bring their extensive research experience and expertise to all aspects of every project. 

Our focus is upon solving real business issues such as:
• New product or service development
• Customer service improvement and innovation
• Pricing and market sizing
• Communications strategy development
• Strategic positioning and brand management
• Customer/stakeholder management.


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